Located at 6 College Street in the heart of Wellington, MTI is the best equipped Muay Thai Boxing gym in NZ with 20 bags, 2 rings, a fully padded floor, good parking and much, much more. The trainers, Mark Hampton and Jon Williams have more than 42 years experience in Muay Thai Kickboxing between them and have trained many people for self defence, fun, fitness sparring and have taken many fighters to championship levels.

You can train at least 4/ 5 Times per week in classes designed to push you and improve your skills. Then if you move onto the Advanced classes you can train up to 12 times per week!!

MTI was formed in 2008 by the trainers of VUW Kickboxing who wanted a more professional gym to work in.

The trainers are here to help everyone achieve their goals; whether this is to lose weight, get fit, or become a World Champion. The trainers have extensive backgrounds in martial arts and are happy to pass on their knowledge and experience.

MTI runs Muay Thai Kickboxing classes for all experience levels with more classes than ever before. Working as a team you help push each other further then you could alone. There are personal training sessions available to get you results faster in a program designed for you which can cater for all levels, combined with the general classes these can provide a kickstart to your training or a skill boost to help get you on track faster.

Fight nights are held on a regular basis.